I'm Cal. 

I live in Torquay with my girlfriend Alana and our Border Collie Zelda. 

In between drinking too much coffee, surfing or playing table tennis --- I LOVE to play music at weddings.

I've played for hundreds of couples and they love the mix of live music early & a banging dance floor later once I turn into a DJ. The three most common threads of my reviews are:

  • Had the dance floor pumping night long.

  • Absolute pleasure to deal with, so easy going and brilliant.

  • The songbird of our generation (okay, I added in that last one and also stole it from the movie Step Brothers...)

In a nutshell, my goal is to ensure you've got the prefect vibe for your day.


During my live sets - I sing, play guitar (with loops, pedals, all the fun stuff to make a solo guitarist sound like a full band), stomp my foot drums (kick and snare - duh dah kah!).

During my DJ sets - I'll work with you to mix in your favourite tunes with my certified, tried and true bangers which are designed to cater to the ENTIRETY of your wedding party.

You can listen to more about Cal and how to plan music on your wedding day in this podcast from The Wedding Guide and how to make the decision between live music, band or DJ on the You & Me wedding podcast.


Cal Young Music
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Wanderlust Creative
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Would you like to check out pricing and availability?  Pop your details in below and I'll get back to you. 

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