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As it’s such a tricky time for weddings and events with COVID-19 restrictions being applied with little or no notice and COVID cases on the rise — I often get asked how we'll deal with the spicy cough around your wedding date. I will work with you if you are affected by restrictions. I've had to become a wizard at managing a fluid calendar, so I'm all hands on deck, ready to help celebrate you two.

In this blog, I'll run through four COVID scenarios that could apply to your wedding, and how I’ll manage these with you.

1. The Vic Government says no (snap lockdowns) OR you (my booked client) have COVID

2. Grey area (restricted weddings)

3. You are COVID frustrated and pulling the pin (cancellation)

4. What if you have Covid Cal?

Why do I charge a postponement fee?

How to find a new date that works

Photo by @thehogansweddings — Please go book Jake or Courtney. They're the best.

Policy designed to be consistent with other Victorian wedding entertainment suppliers. This blog was largely inspired by the gun DJ's at One More Song.

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