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Take the very best acoustic musicians who can add something special to every moment of your day and put them in one place.  Starting your day the right way — setting the mood during the pre-ceremony guest arrival. All the way through to that perfect final song walk out song as you depart into the night as the worlds newest and most loved up couple.​


  • Sweet acoustic guitar strings and vocals at your intimate ceremony as you walk down the aisle/await the love of your life

  • Dulcet tones through your canapés, cocktails and dinner.

  • Handover your reception to a Party Shirt DJ for a banging dance floor with the X-Factor of sax.  

Why Bells Music?

The name is a nice mix of wedding bells and born out of Bells Beach.  It is all about good vibes and a touch of class. You simply can not go wrong with this curated list of talent.

Bells Music Collective.


Abigail Grace is a wholehearted singer and guitarist from the Bellarine.

She has the ability to take some of your most well-known and popular songs, and turn them into something quite mesmerising and unmatched.

Paired with the dreamy sounds of her Maton guitar, are her unique and haunting vocals that leave you feeling captivated and set the perfect tone for your wedding day

With over 8 years experience playing live music in a variety of different scenes
and settings, you can ensure that Abigail will provide a professional and
unforgettable performance.

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