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Who the hell are the

Party Shirt DJ's

They're a whole lot of fun, that's who.

Frankie, Harry, Robbie & Clint.

There's no such thing as a boring dance floor when you've got one of these chaps on the DJ duties.

With near one thousand weddings under his belt, Cal has found the best of the best at creating The Vibe. 

They've got groovy background tunes for your reception. 

They've got the bangers for the late night. 

They've got a sax to bring the X Factor and create special moments

They've got the moves. 

They've got what it takes to fill a dance floor with mum, dad, grandma and grandpa included.

They're wedding DJ's, but not as you know it.

They've got industry standard P.A systems, lights and the backing of Cal Young Music's admin team


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